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NEW RCGF 40cc T Stinger

(9 customer reviews)
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New Engines, Small Size ,angled plug with 1/4-32 plugs…

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NEW ENGINE  available ,
New Engines, Small Size ,angled plug with 1/4-32 plugs,Smooth operation — more powerful.

RCGF 40 T Stinger
  1. Parameter:
  2. Type : 2 cycle piston valve type gasoline engine for airplane 
  3. Piston displacement Cylinder (cc) : 40cc(2.44 cu.in)
  4. Bore x Stroke (mm): 1.26 in(32mm) x 1.02 in (26mm)
  5. Carburetor : Walbro
  6. Ignition : DC-CDI (Computer Controlled auto advance, electronic ignition system)
  7. Power supply: 6V-14V (RCEXL)
  8. Maximum Output :4.6HP/8600rmp
  9. Requires: Gasoline, 2-cycle oil, ignition battery & propeller
  10. speed rang : 1500-8600rpm
  11. Gasoline-Version : Pre-mixed Fuel, 25-40 (Gasoline):1 , Recommend:30:1
  12. (90% high otcane unleaded gasoline, Import gas into carbon fiber installations valves)
  13. Lubrication Oil : 2 cycle engine oil 
  14. Propeller : 20X10 6800rpm (Standard Two leafs prop)
  15. Suggested Propellers: 19x8, 19x10, 20x8 & 20x10 
  16. Suggested Break-in Prop: 19X8
  17. Sparking plug: 1/4x32
  18. Cooling System : Air Cooled
  19. RCGF engine package Includes: electronic CDI ignition, muffler, spark plug, gaskets, bolts, throttle arm extension & manual.
Weight :
  1. Engine:2.32 lb (1052 g)
  2. 2XMuffler: 4.45 oz (126 g)
  3. Ignition Module: 5.1 oz (145 g)
  4. Total: Weight: 2.92 lb (1323 g)
Technical Data:
  1. Ignition Battery: 6-8.4 NiCd or NiMH, 6.6V LiFe or 2S LiPo pack
  2. Gasoline/Oil Mix: 30:1
  3. Replacement Spark Plug: 1/4x32 or equivalent
  4. dle Speed: 1500 rpm/min
  5. Static Thrust:
  6. 23.4 lb (10.6 kg) @ 328 ft (100 m) altitude
  7. 22.1 lb (10kg) @ 5,900 ft (1800 m) altitude 

Additional information

Weight 1500 g

9 reviews for NEW RCGF 40cc T Stinger

  1. Daniel Nocher (verified owner)

    Nice looking motor and smooth running.

  2. Dennis Babcock (verified owner)

    The engine design is top notch has power as specified & runs great, The only problem is that I “cannot use it anymore” because it needs a muffler that not only looks like a muffler BUT IS A Muffler. I need ear protection to start it and tune it. I have a friend who uses an RCGF 20cc single and it is louder than my 40 Twin of a competitor. Our club flies in a great field near a residential area for years. Up until just a few years ago most of us flew glow engines with mufflers, but now many of us are using gas engines for the larger planes. I am going to try to work with a professional welder to try to make this engine quiet enough for my safety as well as being considerate of the neighborhood. If it works fine I’ll probably spend more working on this engine than saved from buying from one of your competition. Unless RCGF is willing to spend a few bucks on some baffling in their engines, I won’t be buying any in the future. What a shame.

  3. John H. (verified owner)

    Excellant shipping time, thank you.

  4. joseph pickul (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Lynda Harris (verified owner)

    Great company

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Jack G. (verified owner)

  9. Jack Goldfarb (verified owner)

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